Our vision is to give everybody a voice in their healthcare, for the benefit of patients and the health of society.

We do this by providing the tools (Clinical Outcome Assessments, or health questionnaires) through which patients can voice their view of their symptoms and effects of treatment on them, or their quality of life. A Clinical Outcome Assessment (as defined by the U.S. FDA) is a measure that describes or reflects how a patient feels, functions, or survives.

InSpired Health Outcomes has been created by Dr David Churchman, based on his extensive career at Oxford University Innovation where he founded and ran a highly successful enterprise dedicated to Clinical Outcomes Assessments.

David’s aspiration is to support COA developers, wherever they may be undertaking research and development. So he has founded InSpired Health Outcomes, using his extensive experience and knowledge of supporting the development and application of COAs. 

He has gathered the expertise of renowned, highly regarded developers, including Professor Crispin Jenkinson. Professor Jenkinson is internationally renowned for creating exceptional, robust COA questionnaires which capture patients’ voices and can ultimately lead to a better experience and treatment path for patients with a wide range of conditions. 

Oxford is synonymous with excellence, and so at InSpired Health Outcomes we are building on this heritage to design, develop, manage and support the use of Clinical Outcomes Assessments which capture patients’ voices, so enabling them to have a say in their healthcare. Oxford excellence is in the DNA of everything we do here at InSpired Health Outcomes.

David Churchman, Crispin Jenkinson and David Morley are all Fellows of Harris Manchester College, Oxford.

Dr David Churchman BSc, MSc, PhD

Founder and Managing Director


Dr David Churchman has more than 18 years’ experience in the management and support of Clinical Outcomes Assessments. Previously, as Business Manager of the Clinical Outcomes Team at Oxford University Innovation, David acquired a wealth of knowledge, supporting the use of a broad portfolio of COAs developed at the University of Oxford. From just a handful of COAs in 2007, David led the development of the Clinical Outcomes business at Oxford University Innovation into a successful enterprise, managing a portfolio of 40 COAs and the associated licensing and support in the use of the portfolio by more than 800 users annually.

Sarah Still

Business Development Manager


Before joining the team at InSpired Health Outcomes, Sarah was founder and company director of Military Mutts Ltd. Having identified a gap in the market, she applied her business acumen, and set about targeting and capitalising on this untapped opportunity as a niche provider. Preceding her role as company director, Sarah gained a wealth of executive sales experience in the financial sector. She was Leeds & Holbeck’s youngest branch manager, securing this position after a quick succession of sales related promotions. Sarah has a proven track record of enhancing the performance of businesses she has managed and is adept at applying her experiences to new sectors.

Ellie Skerratt

Business Support Manager


Before joining InSpired Health Outcomes, Ellie has worked in various capacities, bringing a wealth of experience in operations, senior administration and business support roles across various sectors. Her professional background includes roles in the education and charity sector, along with a global engineering consultancy firm.

Ellie possesses a powerful blend of exceptional people and communication skills, combined with process-oriented thinking. She has a great ability to introduce and implement new systems and processes, ensuring more effective outcomes and the smooth running of her working environments. As a calm and steady presence in day-to-day business support management, Ellie thrives on improving organisation and driving success for more productive outcomes and business success.

Professor Crispin Jenkinson BA (Lon), MA, MSc, DPhil (Oxford)

Lead Associate Consultant


Prof Crispin Jenkinson is known worldwide for his expertise in Patient Reported Outcome measures (PRO or PROMs) and health status measurement, the evaluation of patient experiences of medical care and methodology. He has extensive experience of developing and validating outcome measures and, in collaboration with others, has conducted randomised controlled trials in which such instruments have been primary end-points. Among his body of work, Crispin is a developer on the Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire (PDQ), Endometriosis Health Profile (EHP), and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Assessment questionnaire (ALSAQ), all of which are relied upon by users as the patient-centric assessments of choice in many hundreds of clinical trials. He has published over 250 peer reviewed articles and a number of books on the subject of health outcomes.

Dr David Morley BSc, MSc, PhD

Senior Associate Scientific Consultant


Dr David Morley graduated from the University of Buckingham prior to gaining an MSc and PhD from the Institute of Neurology, University College London. His doctoral research focused on the impact of neurological illness on the children of affected parents. After receiving his doctorate he spent a number of years as a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of West London, before joining the Health Services Research Unit at the University of Oxford in 2011, where he spent more than a decade as a Senior Research Scientist. David has a particular interest in patient reported outcome measures, and has developed and contributed to a number of instruments over the last 20 years. He has published widely in this area and has in excess of 100 peer reviewed journal articles, international conference abstracts and book contributions, all of which are available on request.

Dr Anthony Moody MA (Cambridge), DPhil (Oxford), FORS

Senior Associate Psychometrician


Dr Anthony (Tony) Moody is an expert psychometrician in classical test theory and modern methods, including Item Response Theory and Rasch Measurement Theory. His first degree was in natural sciences at Cambridge, followed by a doctorate in theoretical behavioural sciences at Oxford. He is currently writing a textbook to teach psychometric methods to new research practitioners using R, SPSS and Mplus (publication 2024). His passion is assessing the validity and reliability of COAs, on which he had written in the BMJ. Previously, a Senior Civil Servant leading teams of statisticians and economists to provide evidence for policy-making in several large government departments and head of profession for modellers and data scientists.

Our vision is to give everybody a voice in their healthcare, for the benefit of patients and the health of society.

We do this by providing the tools through which patients can voice their view of their symptoms and effects of treatment on them or their quality of life, which in turn can lead to worldwide improvement of healthcare pathways, drugs and procedures.

InSpired Health Outcomes was created by Dr David Churchman, based on his extensive career at Oxford University Innovation where he founded and developed a successful enterprise dedicated to Clinical Outcomes Assessments.