Licence Request Form

To obtain permissions to use any of the Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs) we (IHO) manage you will need to complete a copyright licence agreement with us. To achieve that we need some information from you about your proposed use of the COA. The information you provide to us is captured in the form below. We will use it to create the licence for you.

The information you provide to us in the form below will be used by InSpired Health Outcomes Limited (IHO) as the basis for a legally binding licence of copyright agreement. So, please make sure that the details you provide are accurate.

The person who commits to taking the licence of copyright in the required COA must be an authorised signatory of the licensee.

Any information provided as part of this process will be treated in accordance with IHO’s Website Privacy Policy.

What will happen once you’ve completed this licence request application form? IHO aims to respond to your request within 24 hours, either with the ready to sign © licence agreement (this will be sent to you via DocuSign – so please do check you have provided us with the correct email address where you wish to receive the agreement) or you will receive a request(s) for further information. If we send a licence for signing to you, we will make it clear in that communication if any fees are due and how much. Once the licence is completed, we will send you all the relevant files for your licensed use of the COA(s) you have selected, to you via email.

At any stage of this process you can contact us for further clarification by emailing:  

About the COA(s) you wish to use and how you wish to use it / them:

About your organisation:

About you (as the lead contact for the licence):